Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Is Starting Out With A Bang


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season. Our Christmas this year was a bit different. Our son Donovan's future in-laws from Korea started their visit with us on December 22. In the two weeks they were with us, we celebrated Christmas and logged more than 2,000 miles around Arizona and Southern California. I think we were all tired at the end of our time together. The picture to the left is the group of us at the Grand Canyon on December 27.

Despite the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Cho couldn't speak English, and we can't speak Korean, we managed to build the beginnings of a good relationship. As we dropped
the Cho's off at Los Angeles International Airport on January 3, we knew that despite our cultural and language differences we had begun the process of becoming a family. That process will deepen as Donovan and Hyesun get married in Korea in June! We are excited about what God has done! I think the picture on the left gives you an indication that Donovan and Hyesun are a happy couple!

On The Ministry Front

The first few weeks of our launch into our new ministry has been very encouraging. God has blessed in so many ways -- words of encouragement, divine appointments and financial blessing. We have been amazed by how God has brought old and new friends to us who have have already given over $30,000 to provide wells in Malawi, support the work of Home-Based care volunteers in Malawian communities and provide for the ministry needs of Visionledd and Somebody Cares in Malawi and here in the USA.

We are so very grateful for God's blessing and encouragement. But, we've only just begun!

Coming Up!

The next few weeks are busy and we need your prayer. Here are some of the things you can pray for:
  • January 13-16 Karl is in Toronto for strategic prayer and planning meetings with the leadership of Visionledd.
  • January 19-22 Karl is in Colorado Springs to meet with potential ministry partners as well as attend meetings in his role as the Chairman of the Board of Youth With A Mission's International Communications Network.
  • February 8-12 We are driving to Baylor University in Waco, Texas to participate in workshops and meetings dealing with church and ministry partnerships between North Americans and Africans and how that together we can do an increasingly effective job of caring for the more than 25 million orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.
  • Church Relationships. In the next few weeks we will be in contact with churches in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland and North Carolina about becoming part of a movement to walk alongside African churches doing HIV/AIDS ministry. Pray for wisdom and favor.
  • Finances. Pray that God will continue to provide the financial resources for the work of Somebody Cares and Visionledd in Africa and in North America.
Thank you so very much for standing with us. We appreciate your prayer, encouragement and support. Feel free to send an email to Karl if you want more information about how to walk with us on this excellent adventure.

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Hi! :) Good to see what's going on your plan! I will pray for that!